August 24, 2016

About Camp Granada

Camp Granada is a curriculum for an elementary music day camp, and the administrative resources to help you begin a program of your own in any school, church, community music program, homeschool association, or other civic facility. Its curriculum blends the instructional rigor of formal music learning with the fun, excitement, and life-changing atmosphere of summer camp.



Benefits of Camp Granada in your community

  • First and foremost, Camp Granada is a music enrichment program intended to instill a life-long love of music in all who participate.
  • Camp Granada is community engagement, intended to impact music outreach in local organizations and youth programs.
  • Camp Granada is an out-of-the-ordinary fund raiser whose proceeds from camper tuition benefit the music program of the hosting organizations.
  • Finally, Camp Granada is a unique opportunity for service learning and career education for local high school and college students who may be considering careers in music or music education, and prepare for their futures by serving as interns at Camp Granada.

If you love music and want to see music develop in the youth of your community, we hope you’ll consider purchasing one of the Camp Granada Curriculum Guides and beginning a program in your community.