November 1, 2016

A Typical Camp Day

A typical day at Camp Granada begins with a large-group general session that includes group singing, skits, and games that introduce the day’s activities. After the opening sessions, campers break-out into classes or teams and rotate through the day’s activities.

Chorale: In Chorale, campers learn singing fundamentals, music literacy, singing games, and learn to sing the songs that will be performed at the Closing Ceremony.

Basics: In Basics, campers play traditional elementary instruments (Orff instruments) as well as world percussion and non-traditional instruments. Campers also learn music theory and music literacy, and learn to perform the instrumental accompaniments to the songs they will sing in Chorale, as well as independent instrumental pieces.

Connections: Connections class includes art, craft projects, movements, and other activities that help campers relate the music they are learning in Chorale and Basics to art, science, math, and other subjects.

Games: Every campers’ favorite part of the day. In Games, campers participate in p.e.-style, kinesthetic games that teach and reinforce musical concepts learned in Basics, Chorale, and Connections. As campers roll around on floor scooters  or avoid being tagged by the conductors, they’re learning about composers, music literacy, and many otherconcepts. Some Camp Granada classic games include Danger Zone, Jingle Ninjas, Theme & Variations Relay, and many more.

Camper Showcase: The Camper Showcase is an opportunity for campers who are involved in private lessons to show-off in a low-stress format where they can demonstrate their vocal or instrumental skill for other campers. This is also a time for camp staff to demonstrate their musical talents for the camp, and a time for guest musicians from the community to perform for the camp.

Coda and Closing Session: The Coda and Closing Session rounds the day out, by providing low-impact games and activities that help campers review the day’s lessons as they wait for their parents or guardians.

Closing Ceremony: At the end of the camp week, the Closing Ceremony is an opportunity for campers to perform what they have learned throughout the week for friends and family. It is also at the Closing Ceremony where points are revealed, and campers learn which team earned the most points throughout the week.