August 24, 2016

How to Bring Camp Granada to Your Community

coltonCamp Granada was designed to be implemented in just about any setting. To bring Camp Granada to your community:

  1. Purchase the book of the theme you would like to use. As of this writing, the curriculum Spaced Out! theme is available, and other curricula are forthcoming.
  2. Follow the steps in the Starter Kit (first half of the book) to plan your session of Camp Granada.




We realize the prospect of organizing your own music day camp may sound like a lot of work. The Camp Granada books contain everything that you will need to plan and prepare for your program, and then all of the lessons and activities for the different curricular series.

The Starter Kit: The first half of each book contains information for recruiting campers, organizing your facilities, budgeting, staffing needs, and much more.

The Curriculum Guide: Once you have the administrative details in order, the second half of the book, the Curriculum Guide, provides detailed step-by-step instructions to lead campers through each lesson in preparation for a performance at the end of the program. The Curriculum Guide also provides a detailed list of all of the materials, instruments, and supplies you will need for the curricular theme.

Companion Website: Finally, this website is here to help you. Click the Resources page for downloadable forms, templates, and graphics to help you administer your Camp Granada session. Also, available on this page, the FAQ section provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about camp themes. If you have a question to ask, we would be happy to assist you.