August 24, 2016

Mission Statement

Music is an integral component of child development, and plants the seeds of creativity and self-expression that children will use throughout their lives. More so, music introduces young children to the tools through which they begin to experience and participate with the world around them. Summer camp is an equally transformative opportunity for young children; for it is at camp when children begin to accept new challenges, break out of their comfort zones, gain independence, and make memories that last a life-time. There is no better synergy of the powerful, life-changing opportunities of music and summer camp than Camp Granada.

The mission of Camp Granada is to provide the highest quality music camp experience in a child-centered environment that encourages participation, stimulates creativity, and focuses on fun. We do not strive to turn young children into Beethovens or Mozarts. It is simply our desire to increase each child’s awareness and enjoyment of music, and to instill in each child a desire to continue musical involvement for a lifetime.